Bloom Organic Sweet 2.5L - Aromatic Enhancer

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ORGANIC SWEET contains natural sugars that provide a source of energy for your plants and for the microorganisms that live symbiotically with them in the root-zone. Cultivating a rich culture of friendly bacteria and fungi is a sure-fire way to improve plant health. The carbohydrate content will help to add mass to your fruits, making harvest time a day to look forward to! ORGANIC SWEET will even enhance flavours, so you'll also get a superior product!

  • Advanced Floriculture - professional grade plant nutrition used by the agricultural industry
  • A very similar product to Bud Candy by Advanced Nutrients
  • Provides natural sources of carbohydrate for feeding beneficial microbes
  • Used throughout the grow and bloom stages
  • Highly effective in any growing medium
  • Includes worm tea to help boost micro-herd numbers
  • Delivers an intense energy source for your plants
  • Assists with the production of essential oils
  • Generally used at 1ml per litre of nutrient solution
  • Enhances fragrances and flavours


ORGANIC SWEET is no ordinary carbohydrate booster. Like Bud Candy, by Advanced Nutrients, it has an abundance of naturally sourced carbohydrates that your plant can use to develop tougher, more resinous fruits and flowers with intense fragrances and flavours. Unlike Bud Candy, ORGANIC SWEET also has ingredients that help to cultivate microorganisms in the substrate. It contains worm tea – something that's well known by organic growers for its ability to invigorate soil, adding bacteria, fungi, acinomycetes and protozoa. ORGANIC SWEET effectively forms a two-pronged attack, introducing legions of friendly microorganisms and then providing a source of nutrition for them to develop and multiply at the same time! A well thought out and highly effective product.

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