4LB Soil Sulfur Prills Soil Amendment Vaporizer Burner Powdery Mildew Mold

$ 19.95


  • Sulfur helps overcome common plant diseases by changing the pH on the surface of the plants.
  • This pH change creates an unstable growing environment for fungal growth. Especially effective on plants susceptible to powdery mildew or thrips.
  • Sulfur will also significantly slow the reproduction of pests, keeping them in check.
  • Use these high quality Sulfur Prills in any sulfur evaporating system.
Packaged in easy to use reseal able pouch Available in 4 lb. pouches, Sulfur is a soil applied nutrient for soils deficient in sulfur. It can also be used to lower pH in soils. Directions: For Sulfur deficient soils, apply the amount recommended based on results if soil testing. Soil sulfur is to be used as a supplement in an overall nutrient program. To reduce pH in soils, determine the pH level of the soil to be treated using a pH meter. Please read the chart on the back of the package (amounts may vary according to your specific soil conditions).

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