BASF 3" x 5" Yellow Sensor Cards Premium trapping sticky traps 50 card per pack

$ 27.14



Main Feature


  • non-harmful to plants
  • double sided
  • highly effective
  • low price for high quantity and high quality


BASF Yellow sticky insect traps help you Avoid pest damage by monitoring for key pests like Spider Mites, Whiteflies, Fungus Gnats, Aphids, mealy bugs, lice, leaf hoppers, tree hoppers, caterpillars, sciarid fly's, vine weevils, Flea Beetles, Leafminers, Thrips and Bean Beetles. These sticky traps will tell you when pest movement begins, helping you time treatments.

The pests are attracted to this bright yellow card then become entangled in the sticky coating.

If your fighting off fungus gnats see to add Gnatrol Biological Larvicide + 3"x5" Yellow sticky insect traps for complete eradication. Using the sticky trap alone will not eliminate the problem all by itself.

Indoors use 1-3 traps per 1,000 sq. ft.

The 3X5 yellow sticky trap can also be cut into 3 strips and placed evenly in your garden for maximum coverage.

For best results, place the cards 1-2" above the soil on a toothpick with one of the sticky sides facing down and the other side up giving the insect a surface to land on.

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