Botanicare Sweet Grape 1 Gallon

$ 49.90


BOTANICARE’S line of Sweet products are all essentially the same. The only different between them is in the different ester extracts – from citrus plants for their Citrus line, from berry plants for their Berry line and from grape plants for Sweet Grape.  These esters enhance natural fruit flavors of any plant, and so cannabis growers are not going to notice much effects and should perhaps consider using only Sweet Raw to enhance cannabis’ natural flavor and sweetness to the max, since you are not going to wind up with a grape flavored bud!

This product, like Sweet Berry and Sweet Citrus, aims to be an all natural, mineral based way to naturally “perfume” or sweeten your plants’ flowering yields.  The balance of organic compounds and element essentials targets photosynthesis and plant respiration. Sweet Grape also claims to de-stress your plants allowing them to focus more energy on fruitful growth.  Carbohydrates, vitamins, organic acids and amino acids are the main active ingredients.  Aroma and Flavor enhancement comes from the powerful bioactive esters contained in Sweet Grape.  It’s recommended to help ensure “seamless transitions between plant growth phases.” Positive results include hardier plants with compact internodes, and there’s a side benefit of no reports of clogging hydroponics systems.  This should help your plants to balance metabolism when grown in a C02 environment and under HID lighting.  One thing to keep in mind folks, be careful and avoid the mistake of this ever winding up in your refrigerator, as someone might accidentally mistake the jug for grape juice or grape punch, and that could be tragic.

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