Dutch Master Gold A.P.S - 5 Liters

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APS advanced clone food is the modern smart & effective way to feed your clones. APS solution is designed to enable your newly taken cutting to act as a complete plant, even though it doesn't have a formed root system. The unique combination of metabolites, precursors & nutrients enables your clones to remain healthy & actually grow throughout the cloning period! APS Solution helps maintain your newly formed plants health via the advanced plant science incorporated into this product. Cloning plant material can often be fraught with mishap which, in most cases, can be put down to 2 main factors. Not conditioning your rockwool cubes correctly. Incorrect foliar feeding solutions. APS solution, from Dutch Master, has solved both those problems in an easy & cost effective form. APS solution has been specifically engineered by Dutch Masters Research & Development team, to allow the grower to easily & quickly prepare his rockwool cubes & foliar feed his newly taken cuttings. APS solution contains 2 unique & very special adjuncts that quickly establishes the right micro environment in your rockwool cubes which is critical for getting positive results. These special adjuncts are also engineered to allow rapid & complete penetration of the foliar solution through the leaves of your plants. Without these adjuncts, the solution you apply to your plants leaves can't effectively penetrate them, a point that you should always remember when foliar spraying your plants. Once applied, the unique combination of plant nutrients, metabolites & precursors actually allow the plant to behave as though it has a complete root system still intact!

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