E-Lux CMH 315w System 240v Horizontal Ballast

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E-Lux CMH 315w System features a highly efficient, square wave, low-frequency ballast paired with a commercial grade hammer tone aluminum reflector that is highly reflective. Ceramic Metal Halide lamps offer a spectrum and CRI that closely resembles natural sunlight over any other form of lighting available on the market, they also have
increased PAR/Watt efficiency leading to better quality while using significantly less power.
  • These next generation ceramic lamps offer better full color light spectrum and emit a higher amount of beneficial UV and more red spectrums.

  • Efficient CMH Technology

  • Supplementary or Stand Alone Lighting

  • High Quality Full Light Spectrum

  • High PAR Levels

  • Fully Sealed Commercial Ballast

  • Built in Thermal Protection

  • Low 50/60 Hz Frequency

Bulbs sold separately.

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