F5 Dual Outlet Variable Voltage Speed Controller (20A 2000W 2kV)

$ 164.95


F5 Variable Voltage Speed Controllers are an energy saving solution for modifying your voltage supply to nearly any powered appliance! F5 Speed Controllers are perfect for all F5 products as well as most ventilation fans and equipment currently available on the market. F5 voltage regulating units feature a single receptacle, an analog voltage meter, a fuse, a large voltage adjustment dial, as well as an illuminated power on/off switch. The desired voltage to your appliances can be set between 0 to 130 volts by operating the easy-to-use dial rated for 2000 watts making this voltage regulator ample for nearly all ventilation fans as well as many home appliances. Sporting a compact, light-weight design, F5 Variable Voltage Speed Controllers are highly efficient and extremely easy-to-use. Their reliability, sturdiness, and long-term operational uses can vary greatly within the industry ranging from electrical and mechanical functions to household appliances and power/speed controlling applications.

Max WATTS: 2000
Max AMPS: 20
OUTPUT: 0-130V

Dual Outlet
Surge Protection
Wide Variable Voltage Range
Multiple Applications
Heavy-Duty Copper Coil

Dimensions: 7.8'' x 6.3'' x 7.8''

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