Fantech Aeolus Controller Two Channel Fan Control

$ 399



Speed controlling the inline fans with EC motors is a SNAP!

A 0-10V signal is all you need! Like the one generated by our new Aeolus controller featured in this brochure. Aeolus is compatible with ALL Fantech EC Models such as FG..EC, FK..EC and Revolution Vector. 
Aeolus is the most advanced temperature based fan controller. With Aeolus, you can operate one or an unlimited number of fans in up to two independently controller spaces. Aeolus is a cooling only temperature controller designed to work with Fantech's ECM fan products (fans with a 0-10v output). The primary function of the Aeolus controller is to maintain an accurate and stable temperature in the space by providing the minimum required ventilation for achieving the set point temperature condition. This results in the quietest, most energy efficient, and reliable ventilation system on the market.

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