General Hydroponics Powder Koolbloom (2 - 45 - 28)

Size: 2.2 lbs
$ 29.99


Dry KoolBloom promotes flowering and helps plants bulk up and achieve proper density. In addition, it will boost production of essential oils and fragrances. It gives growers instant gratification and it helps plants finish early.

It has a very high NPK formula, and contains advanced proprietary ingredients too. Very high NPK = 2-45-28. The combined ingredients of Dry KoolBloom act as a mild stressor, and in a way, it forces the plant to finish. Stress sounds bad for plants, but annuals respond well to stress, and stress is a force that many growers use to their advantage. Dry KoolBloom definitely provides that advantage. That means it can also seriously burn plants if they are given too much. The best way to apply it is to use a scale and weigh out about 1 gram for every gallon of water. 

Dry KoolBloom is a supplement designed for the very end of a plant's life cycle. Depending on the length of bloom time, this can be the final 1 to 3 weeks before harvest. General Hydroponics recommends discontinuing use 3 to 5 days before cut down in order to do a final flush. Do this for every crop, as a method of allowing the plant to cleanse the plant.

For even greater blooms, use Dry in combination with Liquid KoolBloom. Start adding Liquid at transition to stimulate the production of flowering nodes. Liquid KoolBloom contains stress reducing vitamins, to counteract it's high PK, so while they can both be used at the same time, it's good to taper off Liquid as you begin to add Dry.

These supplements can be used in conjunction with any of the General Hydroponic nutrient lines, no matter what feeding program, hydro or soil.

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