House & Garden Nitrogen Boost 1 Liter

$ 35


Around the world growers utilize many different methods of growing. In Holland it is typical for gardeners to grow many small plants and only veg their plants for two weeks. With this method the plants stay small and their need for Nitrogen is relatively low.

Here in the US we also have a myriad of different growing methods but more typically gardeners will grow fewer, large plants. To get these larger plants the vegetative cycle must be longer requiring higher levels of Nitrogen. House & Garden’s base nutrients were formulated with the Dutch market in mind and lack the higher levels of Nitrogen to support such large, heavy feeding plants. We’ve heard requests from many growers in the US for more Nitrogen in base nutrients and to accommodate these requests House & Garden is introducing Nitrogen Boost. Nitrogen Boost contains only Nitrogen and is very concentrated. At 1 – 4 mL per gallon a little goes a long way. Use Nitrogen Boost any time additional levels of Nitrogen are needed.

CAUTION: Nitrogen Boost is extremely concentrated and overuse may cause leaf burn!!

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