Lucky Seven Trimmer (Wet)

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The Lucky Seven is the most precise Industrial Trimmer on the market. It is a true craftsman machine, able to deliver unprecedented “product-blade” contact. The Lucky Seven produces product that looks and feels like it has been “hand-trimmed”.


The Lucky Seven is twice as fast as its competition. This is simply because it only takes the product one pass through the barrel to get amazing results. At less than 1/16th of an inch, the Lucky Seven employs a record setting distance between the tumbler and the barrel.

Also worth noting, is how the Lucky Sevens tumbler spins in the opposite direction of its competitors, which in turn further provides more accurate cutting; as the product (moving down the length of the barrel) comes into better contact with the tumbler below it. Comprehensively, the Lucky Seven produces an end product that looks and feels like it has been “hand-trimmed”.


The Lucky Seven is half as loud as its competition. Other trimmers employ huge 2HP (1700CFM) vacuums in an effort to suck the product down to the bottom of the barrel as it spins from one end to the other. They do this in hopes of providing better contact with the tumbler below it. These other trimmers end up grossly damaging and sometimes destroying the end product of the harvest.

Conversely, the Lucky Seven (with its 1HP vacuum @650CFM and quiet impeller design) utilizes its precise “blade-to-product” cutting ability, avoiding the need for excess suction and excess destruction of the final product. This also keeps the overall noise in check (1/2 as loud as its nearest competitor!)


More Portable

Each unit ships in its very own custom “marine – grade” Baltic birch solid wood, stained crate. The Lucky Seven crate is form fitting and acts as a vessel of protection as well as cloaking device (looks like a shipping container) protecting from would be thieves. Facilitating easy transport, the Lucky Seven crate comes complete with “easy to grip” hand-holds along with a pair of heavy duty wheels.

Finally, the top of this crate doubles as a Sorting Tray which connects to a specially made carbon fiber Hopper softly directing product into the barrel of the Lucky Seven Trimmer below it.


The Lucky Seven is anything but “cheap”. From its attention to the smallest detail, to its Candy Blue powder-coating; the Lucky Seven is pure craftsman quality. All of this comes at a price that is way less expensive than its competition.

Retailing at more than 35% cheaper, the end-user experiences nothing less than TRUE ARTISAN VALUE (as well as Quality).

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