Nutri+ Final Drive 10 Liter Flower Plant Perfect Finisher NPK Vitamins Booster

$ 199.99


  • Nutri Plus Final Drive is a phase 3 bloom stimulant 
  • Increases flower density, mass and overall quality in the final weeks before harvest
  • This powerful finisher delivers a unique blend of NPK, macro and micro-nutrients during the final stage of development

Nutri Plus Final Drive is a mix of stones (NPK), vitamins and other organic compounds. This unique mixture is conceived to give your plants exactly what they need at the end of flowering. The presence of magnesium facilitates the synthesis of amino acids and cellular proteins and is essential in the production of chlorophyll. As for the vitamin C, it increases the efficiency of the photosynthesis and allows the plants to better resist to stress, such as heat and intense light. The vitamin B stimulates the root development, formation of buds, flowering and fructification by improving the growth system of plant.

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