Olivia's Cloning Solution for Plants, 1-Gallon Rooting Supplement for All Plants

$ 43


  • Stimulates rapid root development.
  • Feeds new cuttings as they root.
  • 90%-100% success rate.
  • Eliminates transplant shock.
  • Superior start and growth.
  • For all plants - indoor and outdoor.
  • For the home hobbyist or professional.
  • In liquid and gel form.
  • For hydroponics and soil.
  • Safe and easy to use.
    Use Olivia's Solution to water your cuttings and get up to 100% success rate. Olivia's Solution feeds new cuttings as they root and helps to reduce transplant shock. Safe and easy to use, just mix six fluid ounces of Olivia's to one gallon of water and feed to your plants. Place cuttings in solution as they are cut from the plant. Use the Olivia's Gel to dip your cuttings for optimum results.

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