SLF-100 1 Gallon - Hydroponics Organic Flushing Agent Enzymatic Cleansing Gal

$ 102



  • Organic and OMRI Listed
  • Specifically designed to break out salts
  • Works great in both soil and hydroponic applications
  • Effective in all phases of the growing cycle
  • Compatible with all nutrients, fertilizers, rooting compounds and H2O2


SLF-100 is a commercially proven enzymatic formula with over 18 years of proven success. It is a 100% organic and OMRI listed formula specifically designed to break out salts. Used as a cleanser for hydroponic systems and soilless media SLF-100 goes to work immediately to keep your system running smooth and free of toxic build up.

SLF-100 is effective in all phases of the growing cycle and is compatible with all nutrients, fertilizers and rooting compounds. SLF-100 is also compatible with H202. Thanks to a proprietary blend of naturally occurring enzymes, SLF-100 is PH neutral in concentrated form and has NO added sugars or NPK.

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