SuperSpore Infrared Sterilizer

$ 165


The SuperSpore Infrared Sterilizer is perfect for high-temperature sterilization and disinfection of your small tools and lab equipment. Replace your alcohol lamps with the compact and quick convenience of a work station sterilizer. Constructed of a high-quality, wear-resistant, and high-temperature rated porcelain material, our sterilizer can reach up to 825°C to provide you with thorough sterilization to your tools within seconds.


Voltage / Power / Frequency 110V / 240W / 60Hz
Max Temperature 825°C ± 50°C (1500°F ± 122°F)
Temperature Settings 400°C / 850°C (750°F / 1500°F)
Fuse 250V 3A
Working Temperature 5°C - 40°C (40°F - 100°F)
Heating Time 10min
Sterilizer Diameter 35mm (1.4in)
Sterilizer Length 100mm (3.9in)
Relative Humidity ≤ 90%
Net Weight 1.4kg (3.1lbs)
Dimensions 147 x 130 x 200mm (5.8 x 5.1 x 7.9in)

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