Sylvania - Grolux 400W Hps Lamp/Bulb For Veg & Flowering Hydroponics

$ 29.99



The Sylvania Grolux SHP-TS is geared specifically towards the needs of plant cultivation, and contrary to the SHP-TS version, it has a higher blue content in the light spectrum. As light with different wavelengths is needed for different metabolic processes in the plant, the broader spectrum of the Sylvania GroLux product line helps plants to achieve a more saturated green colour and lusher growth.

As it has a 10% higher light output for photosynthesis than the SHP-TS, the Grolux SHP-TS is best suited for assimilation lighting. It stimulates the CO² assimilation for enhanced photosynthesis, and therefore provides even better plant growth.

Grolux SHP-TS grow lights are a very popular choice thanks to their affordability. Perfect for gardeners dealing with plants that have a shorter growth phase (1-4 week) and wish to avoid using additional metal halide lighting.

Extreme high light output
Improved quality of light : increased red and blue light output
10% higher photosynthesis flux when compared to standard HPS 'super' bulbs
High PAR radiation
Lumens: 55,000
Color temp: 2050 K


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