TrolMaster Grow Camera (TC-1)

$ 134.99


Keep An Eye On Your Grow Room At All Times

TrolMaster’ s TC-1 Grow Camera is a high-quality surveillance camera specifically designed for grow rooms. Enabling 24-7 pan/tilt & zoom live video monitoring of your grow area via TrolMaster’ s TM+ free phone app.

The TC-1 features built-in “plant-safe” night vision and can see up to 35ft(10m). Invisible IR illuminators prevent the plant's dark period morphology from being affected.

Connecting TC-1 to TrolMaster’ s TM+ free phone app, you can control the TC-1 camera and monitor your grow rooms anytime with 3 megapixels high-resolution, low-latency live footage. A Micro-SD card (up to 64gb) can also be inserted into the TC-1 to enable video recording.

The TC-1 also has light pollution and motion detection functions. The phone app will notify you if there’ s any motion, and night cycle light pollution detected. The TC-1 can be connected using standard Ethernet cables, or it can be wirelessly connected to routers that are within range of the camera.

What comes in the box?

  • TC-1 x1
  • Power Adapter x1
  • Wall Mount Screw Set x1
  • Water-Resistant Cap Set x1
  • Product Manual x1

Features & Benefits of the TC-1

  • Monitor and Control with TrolMaster’s phone app
  • IP66 water-resistant
  • Support H.264 codec - High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)
  • High-resolution live video transmission
  • SD expandable storage up to 64GB
  • Invisible IR illuminators for night vision up to 10 meters
  • Light pollution detection
  • Motion detection


Power Supply

  • Input Voltage - 100-240V ac, 50/60Hz 0.3A
  • Output Voltage - 12.0V, 1.0A

Camera Unit

  • 6mm fixed-focus lens
  • 3 Megapixels Camera (resolution - 2048x1536)
  • 6 Invisible IR illuminators
  • 1 Ethernet Port
  • 2 Wi-Fi antennas

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